you are gloved

I’ve been on the verge of starting a new blog for a little while now.  First, I thought I wanted to contribute to the “information explosion” currently perpetuating itself in the library blogosphere; then I thought, why not a lifestyle blog?  Mormon mommies are doing it.  I’ll never be dooce – ever – but I could try my hand.  Or, why not be internet-frugal and restart one of my old blogs – someone I used to know might even still subscribe to the RSS feed!

But the truth is, I really just want a regular old blog.  It can include some professional aspirations, but I don’t want to be driven by them.  I’ll probably do some cross-posting over at gingham, my aunt’s lifestyle-brand-in-progress, but a lifestyle blog sort of requires a unified aesthetic and time for crafts.  And my old blogs are snapshots of way different parts of my life; I’m not ashamed of them the way I was of my middle school hairstyles in high school, but I want a new start.  So, here we are.


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