you are gloved #2

I walk down to the river at lunch sometimes, and lately I’ve been tripping over a lot of interesting things. One thing I really enjoy about my life is noticing and taking pleasure in tiny details; the library part of me (code for OCD part of me) wants to somehow collect them, preserve them and integrate them into my life – put them on a wall, put them in a book, just keep them and make them part of me. One thing I really enjoy about Howard is that he does the same thing, and sometimes just pointing them out to each other is enough.

But not always – sometimes there’s a sign, a dog or a color of the sky that you just need to find a place for and fix there. I think things like this are a large part of why I, or maybe anyone, might have a blog.

you are loved

Post-it on a bagel place near the hospital. Saw a lot of people smiling in the window on their way by, so I looked and this was there. A lot of people around here could use this.

Mona Lisa street art

On the ground on a bridge over Storrow Drive on the way to the Charles. What is this? The Mona Lisa? Vague enough that the artist may be trying to trick an unsuspecting passerby into thinking they see Jesus in the concrete.

dashing sailor

Wish I had a better picture of this, but it was dark and I was running for the train. Portrait of a sailor pasted to an electric box. He is wearing both a hat and a dashing smile.