craft horizon

I would say most of the people I know have a secret list of crafts they want to spend an uninterrupted long weekend working on.  On rainy days like today, I dream about locking myself in our yellow guestroom with the most recent episodes of Fringe, or maybe the entire run of Smallville, and just making small brightly colored things.  Here are the ideas I’ve got running around in my head:

pom pom branches

Maybe in pink. Like cherry blossoms!

throw pillows, with animals on them

bear throw pillow

Embroidered with something la Kolb, or maybe Charley Harper

still working on that Blanket Fort.  I’m thinking something like the Rising Sun, just with a lot of bright, not-too-clashy patterns.  Something from Waverly would be PERF for the center.

Found some brightly colored inspiration over at Casapinka!

I keep promising myself a day like the one described as soon as I finish the next assignment – and then the next one.  And then there’s birthdays, Lenten movie nights, game nights, sleepovers – no complaints though.  For SOME reason, I used to think Howard and I didn’t have much of a social schedule after moving to Melrose – we just sat around all day, eating muffins and going to the church thrift store.  But no!  Little did I know, our lives are full of friends and family to do things and, hopefully, eat muffins with.