I realized this morning that I have been reading these comics for years.   YEARS!  Every weekday morning for at least four years.

i would like these coasters.  i would!

I’ve never thought about it, but after four years of reading something nearly every day, it probably makes a pretty big impact on your thought patterns, aesthetic sense, or at least sense of humor.

This morning, my husband (!) sent me a link to John Allison (illustrator showcased above, mastermind behind scarygoround [yet another clever instance of wordplay on the internet])’s blog – more specifically, this hilarious satire of the current music scene climate.  Usually Howard + I read QC together on the train in to work (train internet = the most satisfying internet), and then he tunes out while I read about tweens investigating monsters, so he had no idea about the connection.  But something about this sense of humor was familiar and comforting to me; not only was it funny, it was … welcoming, somehow.  Sure enough, once I became self-aware enough to scroll to the top of the page, I realized I had been enjoying it for years, and was a big enough idiot to only just be discovering that it was so much more than I imagined!