Simmons Graduate School of Library & Information Science, Boston, MA

Master of Science in Library and Information Science, anticipated December 2013

GPA: 4.00

Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science: Merit Award, Spring 2011
Massachusetts Library Association: Kay Bader Scholarship, April 2011
Treadwell Library: Mankin-Pinkney Scholarship, Spring 2011-present
North American Serials Interest Group: Fritz Schwartz Serials Education Scholarship, June 2012

LIS 403: Evaluation of Information Services

  • Evaluation Scenario and Problem Statement: Precursor to a proposal for an evaluation of on-campus pet therapy programs.
  • Article Review: In-depth review of an evaluation article, precursor to a broader literature review.
  • Survey: Created a survey on pet therapy programs on college campuses.  Includes questions about demographic information as well as several different types of questions.

LIS 407: Reference and Information Services

  • Pathfinder: Created a pathfinder for the Beatley Library at Simmons on female heroines in “masculine” genres (group project).

LIS 415: Information Organization

  • Assignment 1: Compared the search functions of two different catalogs.
  • Assignment 2: Generated call numbers using LC and Dewey systems.
  • Assignment 3: Searched for catalog copy, corrected cataloging records, modified and updated cataloging records, created original records.
  • Assignment 4: Identified main and added entries, searched and explored authority files, created original authority records.
  • Assignment 5: Assigned subject headings and subdivisions, performed subject analysis.

LIS 467: Web Development & Information Architecture

  • Code Trial: Basic experimentation with CSS3 and HTML5.
  • Creative Brief: Developed a proposal for the redesign of the website below, including creating a persona (group project).
  • Usability Test Plan: Developed a plan to administer a usability test during the design process of the website below (group project).
  • South Shore Bird Club: Simple redesign of the SSBC website (group project).

LIS 469: XML

  • Assignment 1: Created a schema for an XML file and validated the file against it.
  • Assignment 2: Created a stylesheet to display courses in a catalog meeting in a specific building at a specific time.
  • Assignment 3: Used an XSLT processor to transform an XML file into Open Archives Initiative format (stylesheet: MARC to OAI from the Library of Congress).  Created a stylesheet to transform this file into an HTML table that displays only records whose date contains 2002.

LIS 488: Technology for Information Professionals

  • Portfolio: Created an online portfolio (has been superceded by the information here).
  • Final Presentation: A Prezi on providing access to electronic resources (group project).

Boston College Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Chestnut Hill, MA

Master of Arts in English, May 2009

GPA: 3.97

Teaching Fellowship, Fall 2008-Spring 2009
Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award, Spring 2009

EN70901: Introduction to Visual Studies
EN73201: Contemporary Irish Fiction
EN82101: Medieval English Romance
EN82501: Composition Theory and the Teaching of Writing
EN82701: Master Narratives and the English Novel
EN85001: Critical Approaches to Shakespeare
EN86501: In the Shadow of Joyce
EN88701: Introduction to Advanced Research
EN87701: Medieval Women Writers
EN89929: Readings and Research: The Irish Gothic

Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

Bachelor of Arts in English & Psychology, May 2005

Dean’s Scholar, Fall 2001-Spring 2005
Dean’s List, Fall 2003-Spring 2005
Psi Chi, Spring 2002-present
Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 2005-present
Graduated cum laude

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