cultural production i look forward to consuming this summer

While my first semester of working toward my MLIS is nothing like working toward my MA in literature, as the weather gets warmer I do feel a familiar desire to just bombard my eyes with blockbuster after blockbuster with little to no need to connect to my brain at all.  Here are the things I am pretty much just ecstatic to have the free time for this summer.  Basically in this exact order.

First things first: Howard and I have tickets to the Big Apple Circus for next Friday!  When I was little, my family and I used to go every year, and now that I live in Boston their tent signals the start of summer.

Big Apple Circus

Thor.  Looks awesome.  My aunt said I could take my 8-year-old cousin.  I told him the “elephant in the safeway bag” joke* the other night – he got the answer almost immediately, but didn’t understand it.  My aunt and uncle chuckled over it in sort of a “wow, you just told my kid that right in front of me” way – he brought up the subject of swears, I swear!  And I just figured that is what an older cousin is for – and then explained it to him.  He laughed so hard he almost threw up, maybe a little bit because it’s a decently clever joke but probably mostly because he knows it’s just on the verge of not allowed.

X-Men First Class.  Looks awesome.  Hopefully can talk my dad into going to see it opening night, Howard and my last night in San Francisco.  Either that or a matinee on the way to the airport.

Dave Eggar’s Zeitoun.  Non-fiction, so not technically cultural production (or maybe it is?  I’m notoriously bad and self-conscious about official vocabulary), also not a blockbuster (my definition of blockbuster = more explosions than content that might win some sort of award), and also I am currently technically reading it but will have to put it aside to finish final assignments.  And, obviously, see Thor.

The cover of Dave Eggers' Zeitoun.

Walter Simonson’s Thor Omnibus.  HOW LONG TIL THE LIBRARY GETS THIS I CAN’T WAIT.  Also probably all the library’s other comics.

Cover of Walter Simonson's Thor Omnibus

Probably just, you know, all of Smallville.  Ten seasons?  No problem!  Summer’s pretty long!

Tom Welling as Clark Kent

Friday Night Lights: Season 5.  Obviously.  Tim Riggins is in jail though; weird.  Also, rewatched Wolverine: Origins recently – he does not totally suck as Gambit in the way I remembered!  So that’s nice.  Does look washed out in those prison duds though.  And no Tyra because she’s Wonder Woman now, and baby Grace still has too big a forehead, and Landry has a huge neck now and will be gone!

Friday Night Lights

Aaaaand the rest of this show.  Only seen the first episode – honestly, the racy parts sort of freak me out, but the scary, violent and dog-related parts are pretty great.  They didn’t really have the technology for awesome explosions then, but they did have swords!

Yep!  I will be reading this too.  So much for “not connecting to my brain” – great in theory, but after a couple days I just need to think about exciting things like the Digital Public Library of America and Library 2.0.  That’s all!

The cover of John Palfrey's Born Digital

*A: How do you fit an elephant in the safeway bag?

B: [Some variation on] I don’t know, how DO you?

A: Take the “s” out of “safe” and the “f” out of “way.”

Tips: think about it, and say it out loud.