Yesterday was a DAY financially. First, we realized that going to a friend’s wedding in Sweden this summer would eat up a disgusting chunk of our $$$. Second, I was told that because of a series of administrative flubs, my application for four scholarships – which I toiled over, spent money to get my transcripts sent for, and purchased an organizational membership to legitimize – would not be considered.  First world problems, I get it, but still problems.  To me.

I went to surprise Howard in Central Square, since it’s no fun to go home by myself unless I have time to read enough comic books to make it worthwhile. I walked toward the Annex, saw him heading for the subway, yelled and waved from the street corner, and then when a bus passed between us I started crying. Great surprise!

So Howard bought me ice cream at Toscanini’s, where, I swear, I felt better with every bite of goat cheese brownie.

(NOTE: not our ice creams. Too focused to photo.)

If you think that sounds horrible, your palate is not grown up enough to comprehend it. As we were leaving with our free-after-5-pm pastries (I’m a sucker for that almond croissant; also, anything free), I kind of just stopped worrying, which is not really like me, but it felt pretty good.  Everyone always says that when you eat stuff that’s not good for you, you feel bad afterward; untrue. I feel awesome after pizza and ice cream, always.

Then we headed to the Middlesex, a bar that’s usually too hip for me (both for my tastes and to admit me) except for on Thursday industrial nights when it is too goth, to check out a video game swap our friend Ryan Kelley was organizing through swap.com.

(Actually hipper than it appears here)

Not only did it feel good to see a friend and have a beer, it felt AWESOME to see the beginnings of something I think is such a great idea. I had really wanted to find a way to support the event, because I think it’s a really neat organization and a great fit for Ryan, so really a breakdown was pretty serendipitous.

Ultimately, the end of the evening left me feeling that while I haven’t given up hope on either stretching to make the trip happen or the organization stretching to consider my application, we’ll figure it out either way, and money is money and everything you’ve already heard before, which is weird to feel.  I sort of hate those moments when you realize you’re pretty much still yourself but also everything you’ve heard is also to be believed.