just like this!

I don’t really believe in those “30 before 30” lists; I’ve spent enough of my life equating certain milestones with death (graduation, marriage) to know that those things are really nothing like death, and real life might be right on the other side of them. Or at least, something way cooler than what I’ve got going on now (not that what I have going on right now isn’t already way cool; it’s actually the result of many milestones, each of which had something way cooler on the other side). Also, I find that as you get older you can get away with more; going to bed at 8 on Friday, wearing a crazyass fake fur coat, spending a day reading comic books. Yeah, I did all that stuff when I was younger, too, but more people were like “Really? You’re doing that? You really think that’s a great idea?” But now that 30 is around the corner, people are like “well, you have an education and a job (and as much as I don’t like to believe this, having a husband contributes to this cred also) so I guess your decisions are your own” and I’m all “yes I am going to make a blanket fort on the porch and wear bright colors! These are the decisions I’m going to make and enjoy an extreme amount!” and no one says anything.
Maybe with a few more years under my belt, they may begin to celebrate me as a visionary! Probably not, but I’m cool with being a teenager’s weird older cousin or whatever.

That said, there are certain things that I would really, really like to do in my life with Howard. I don’t have any deadlines for them; probably just when we have the money. In no particular order:

– go to a comic-con

– travel to africa and stay at Giraffe Manor, all waking up in the morning with a giraffe looking in the window (in my fantasy, I wake up first for ONCE and gently shake Howard awake, and we tiptoe over to the window and pet the giraffe who bows lion king style)

– get more tattoos

– go on an Alaskan cruise

– meet PeeWee Herman

– finish Infinite Jest (not expensive, but something I find particularly hard)

– go to the moon, or at least ride in a submarine

space illustration

Just like this, right?

life aquatic

Just like this!













At LEAST a submarine.  At LEAST.