Treadwell Library, Massachusetts General Hospital

Library Assistant III, August 2010-Present

Maintain access to library’s 2,800 electronic resources via three different portals; work with vendors to acquire and troubleshoot these resources; collect and present usage data for these resources; train other staff in use of electronic resources; provide feedback on library’s information technology and outreach efforts; maintain social media presence for library as an internal customer service tool.

Treadwell Library blog
Treadwell Library twitter

School of Law Library, Northeastern University

Circulation Assistant Supervisor, July 2009-August 2010

Trained and supervised over 20 work-study students in circulation tasks; evaluated students’ performance in these tasks to determine further training needs; provided feedback on training and training evaluation processes; helped build training website; assisted patrons in accessing resources; collected data on patrons’ use of library resources.

English Department, Boston College

First-Year Writing Instructor, September 2008-May 2010

Designed semester-length syllabus and individual lesson plans including elearning content, readings, writing assignments, grading breakdown and research training; instructed two 50-minute discussion-based classes weekly; held bi-weekly one-on-one conferences with each student, advising students on writing, research, scheduling and academic goals; edited and graded over 120 drafts a semester; worked with teaching fellow in designing similar course.

Burns Library, Boston College

Assistant to the Cataloger, September 2008-August 2009

Accessioned new materials, identified uncataloged items, duplicates and conservation issues in the stacks, created records for uncataloged items (primarily periodicals), managed Irish collection’s duplicate database, compiled Irish Folders collection, performed similar tasks for General and Boston collections.

Connors Family Learning Center, Boston College

Writing Tutor, September 2007-May 2009

Worked one-on-one with students to improve research and writing techniques; asked in-depth questions to determine scope and purpose of assignments; helped students develop plan to complete assignments.

Dean of Arts and Sciences, Boston College

Office Assistant, September 2007-May 2008

Helped maintain filing system for over 4,000 student records, prepared disciplinary action files, maintained student awards databases, trained administrative assistants in various technological skills.

Tin House Magazine, Portland, OR

Intern, April 2007-August 2007

Read unsolicited manuscripts and judged by magazine standards, fact-checked and offered editorial commentary on
solicited manuscripts, attended editorial meetings, organized and maintained subscriber and contributor databases.

Apple, Inc.

Specialist, June 2005 – August 2007

Taught classes on Apple user interface to inexperienced users; implemented multimedia training program for new employees; asked in-depth questions to determine customer needs and experience levels.


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