Weeks 5 & 6: Heuristics and Use Cases

After a very productive synchronous meeting on Tuesday night, our team has a revised schedule that accommodates:

  • Team learning about UX processes and collaboration on testing tasks
  • A deeper focus on use cases as an artifact that can be shared across teams
  • Time for Kyle to finish adjustments to the interface.


One teammate and I spent Week 5 working on a Heuristics document that we anticipate will also be shared across teams and that lays the framework for testing tasks, which we’ll be writing up for Week 6.

Meeting with Kyle also clarified a lot of what’s important to him – I think his expectation is that we’ll provide ongoing heuristic evaluation for all aspects of the site, although as a team we’ve agreed to continue with plans for formal(ish) usability testing to make sure the site aligns with user expectations.

He also made the point that the audience we’re focusing on is LIS-oriented, but that’s not what’s important in designing a learning experience for them – some of them may be very new to online learning, and it’s that aspect of these users’ experience that we should be focusing on. I thought this was a really interesting point – the LIS aspect of our users’ backgrounds will be important in developing content, but it’s their experience and expectations as learners that we need to focus on.


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