SLIS 298: Weeks 3 and 4 – Personas, Heuristics and Use Cases

After submitting our reports on personas, heuristic evaluation and use cases, the instructor evaluated our group’s direction. He’d like us to focus our energy on use cases and heuristic checklists, because personas require a lot of investment and the return might not be that great in such a short timeframe. I think his idea is that we’ll provide this information to other teams and we can all participate in a kind of self-evaluation, and my thinking is that we’ll be able to use those ideas as a framework for testing. Meanwhile, any test prep we can do outside of the actual interface is useful.

We have a Google+ hangout scheduled for 6:30 pm tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 7/2), so I’m hoping to get the following ironed out then:

  • What the instructor means by “heuristics” and what kind of deliverable he’s expecting there
  • How we should be working with, or at least communicating our role, to the other teams
  • What the timeframe is for a class-directed heuristic evaluation, followed by user testing
    • My concern is that it will take a long time to collect and make changes based on class feedback, and we may not have time for both as envisioned
  • A revised schedule

I did tell the instructor in last week’s progress report that I was concerned about the testing timeframe, and he responded that he needs two weeks to finish the first round of the interface. I think we’ll need a week after that to make sure the testing questions align with what’s going on on the interface, so those should be the big considerations in revising the schedule.


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