SLIS 298: Week 2 – User Experience Basics

So as it turns out, the agenda for this week has changed – the professor does want to follow the UX-heavy schedule I set last week, but we’re taking a time out this week to put together writeups on personas, heuristic evaluations and use cases. These reports include:

  • A simple, one sentence definition of your concept;
  • An elevator pitch (an extended definition with a brief description about the concept);
  • Some research on the concept (contributed to the group’s Zotero library) and a summary of the pros and cons and what researchers say
  • An outline of how putting this concept into practice this semester might be helpful and how to make it work.

I’m assigned personas, which is a little bit of a review for me, but it’s useful to catch up on current thought in the field (although it hasn’t changed much since I studied them last fall). It is a good experience in writing it up to be consumed by someone who doesn’t have the background I do, though – so far this semester looks like it may be a lot more about co-teaching than actually doing the UX work I put on the schedule, which is different than I expected but not bad.

Update: after Google Hangout with Linda, 6/20

I’m going to update the schedule to reflect what we talked about, including divvying up work instead of working collaboratively which would allow us to push forward with the schedule we’ve set.

Week 4, next week:

  • We’ll each provide a deliverable based on our research from this week, week 3
  • I’ll suggest a Google hangout to review/provide feedback, and by the end of the week we should be ready to perform the heuristic eval and write testing tasks
  • I’ll share Personas document, team schedule and any other deliverables with Linda

Week 5:

  • We’ll each perform heuristic evaluation
  • One person will write up testing tasks, one will recruit and one will put together a plan for how tests are conducted
  • At the end of the week (Sunday), we’ll be ready to conduct a pilot test with Linda

Week 6:

  • Conduct testing

Ideas for a product/article:

  • different models of interaction in an online learning environment
    • leader
    • follower
    • quiet worker
    • different learning styles
    • how the instructor’s interaction makes a difference
  • education “startup” feel
    • sense of hurry, urgency
    • following a development model
    • usability in education
    • carving out a “space” in academia

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