Reflection: Going Through Modules

This week, I went through two other classmates’ modules:

  • Pinterest, on Links to Literacy:
  • Jing/Prezi, on Connect 2 U:

Loved ’em both!



The thing that struck me most in Elaine’s module is how often she reminded her users to

Have fun!

This encouragement, combined with the appealing screenshots she included, are really helpful in reminding the user that technologies like Pinterest are useful tools but they’re also exciting and can be integrated into your lifestyle in fun and interesting ways. I also thought Elaine did a great job writing in clear, simple language, which is really important to our intended audience.

I think the one thing I might change about the module is something more design-based than anything else – I would change the way the screenshots are presented. In the template we chose for our program, there’s a lot of white space, which I like, but it looks very similar to Pinterest and it can take a second to process what’s a part of the module and what’s a part of the screenshot. I would center the screenshots and put a frame around them to make that a little clearer.

That said, I’m an on-again off-again Pinterest user, and this module made me more excited to become more invested in it. Like I mentioned, I found the module to have a very encouraging voice, and I also liked the personal touch Elaine included by taking pictures of her own account – it made me feel really connected!



I love both of these tools, so I was really excited to read about what other libraries are doing with them. Some of the Prezis are so creative! There was some feedback that suggested this program’s users weren’t huge Prezi fans, which I understand – it does require a real learning curve, but some of the examples Danielle includes are very inspirational.

The one thing I would change about this module is that it tackles two very important tools at once, which can steal focus from either one (like in superhero movies, when the hero has to fight two major villains when just one nemesis would do). I would either split these two tools up into two separate modules or organize it so that the Prezi activities came directly after the description of Prezi, so users could easily move from one tool to the other.

Overall, though, I think these tools will end up being really valuable for the librarians working through these modules! Once you learn about Jing, it’s impossible not to use it, and even just being introduced to Prezi will change the way people think about presenting. Also, I just want to say I really like the template this group chose for their program – the font is nice, large and readable, and it’s all very pleasant on the eyes!


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