Lessons from an LIS MOOC

Thought anyone working on the MOOC version of the course this summer (and, of course, anyone interested in online learning!) might be interested in this writeup on lessons from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse’s first MOOC:



3 thoughts on “Lessons from an LIS MOOC

  1. I read that with great interest. We will be gathering similar stats for sure. I am also interested in looking at levels of participation and takeaways – especially for those who do not finish.

  2. Thanks for posting this very interesting article. It sounds like successful MOOCs need to have people working behind the scenes 24 hours a day. I read an article that talked about a MOOC at Duke. The professor running the class talked about how he missed being able to see the faces of his students to know that they understand the material and his sense humor. There are lots of unique challenges cropping up as a result of new educational opportunities.

  3. I agree, this is an interesting article. I think there is a tremendous amount of research opportunity in this area. I have registered for 3 MOOC’s- completed only 1. Its interesting to see it from the development side – as well as the student side of things.

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