My first module comments!

thanks im happy to use this program its very intersting

This week I received the first few comments on my module. As I’ve mentioned before, our program was designed for a slightly different set of users than most other groups – our library wanted to build a program for the English language learners they tutor regularly to help them learn how to to use technologies like email and YouTube as well as familiarize them with using a computer.

We’ve had some feedback via our liaison about how much the library likes and appreciates the program, and we’ve had a number of people register – mostly volunteers and tutors either going through the program themselves or demonstrating how to register for users. We’ve also heard that participants are excited because skills like using email will be really useful for them in their jobs, but feedback from the participants themselves has been a little scarce, although we have seen a number of members of the intended audience register as well. I think it’s been a little slow going for them; I know all the groups have experienced ebbs and flows in terms of participation, and I think ours also has to do with when group tutorials are scheduled.

We put our email module first – a module I think is new to the Learning 2.0 archives for this course – because almost all our other modules involve creating an account, which requires email. Anyway, this module had gotten several comments, and my module – the second module, on Google searching (another essential basic, we felt) – got its first few comments this week! They were very simple comments, mostly thanking us for the module, possibly just to demonstrate to the instructor that they had completed it. But just to know that they’re working through the modules is a great feeling – the most we can hope for is that they’d be useful and help build basic computer literacy skills. So I’m really pleased!



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