Anxiety and Purpose: reflecting on the Learning 2.0 Adaptation at an early stage

First, a couple really neat resources I used in building my modules that I wanted to direct other peoples’ attention to:

And now onto the reflection.

I know that in online, asynchronous environments, my anxiety can get the best of me in terms of worrying that other group members aren’t pulling their weight, so I worked hard this time to trust that they were doing so and recognize that if other peoples’ modules, or even the entire site’s design, didn’t look exactly the way it would if I had done it all myself, it would still be useful and helpful. That effort went very well – the best of any online group project I’ve worked on yet, actually – and I felt that as a group we created a great site that I know our site liaison and her tutors are excited to use.

Speaking of, we’ve had good feedback from our site liaison and the tutors – as I’ve mentioned before, our program was designed for a unique set of users with very low technology literacy, so it sounds like their progress through the project will be much slower than if it was being used by library staff. But the users have started to walk through the program with their tutors and are finding ways to interact that we hadn’t foreseen – I think, like a lot of online instruction, we all designed our modules with the idea that users would be learning independently and asynchronously, but we’ve already heard that some users are using the email accounts they created in the first module to email each other.

I wrote in my Learning 2.0 Adaptation assignment, and in previous blog posts, that during this project my anxiety has primarily focused on creating a program that will impart these very important basic skills to our intended audience. After reading Born Digital, I feel even more strongly about the purpose and potential of this project to help close the digital gap, at least in a small way; I have a feeling that the registration process and the reflection/comment process might require a little support – at least from us for the tutors – to be of real use to the library, but it sounds like we are already starting to accomplish some of our larger-picture aims.


2 thoughts on “Anxiety and Purpose: reflecting on the Learning 2.0 Adaptation at an early stage

  1. Hi Deirdre,
    I have minimal tech skills and hence over the past summer I did the Google Power Searching course. It was some what basic but still I learnt a couple of things that I didn’t know. Google also offers an Advanced Power Searching Course.

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