eating grilled cheese on a summer night

I’m not much of a cook, but every once in a while a meal will just come to me like a dream.  My dream meal today capitalizes on everything that’s awesome to eat and drink in the summer – wishful thinking, I recognize, but not much else to do at present until summer starts cooking with gas.

  • Grilled cheese, adult-style: multigrain or rye bread, pepper jack cheese, sprouts (peas if you can wrangle them), fresh avocado spread all over the inside of the bread
  • Strawberry + radish salad: sweet enough to compliment the burn of the pepper jack, kicky enough to burn a little on its own.  Red enough to make you look like the kid from the True Blood theme.
  • Shandies, obvs
  • Watermelon popsicles, courtesy of our new Zoku popsicle maker, which is just the ISH
I can even imagine how this meal would be photographed – on a gingham tablecloth in the waning summer sun, green leaves + dusky blue sky up above, all yellow wildflowers in an old Coke bottle between two blue plates, no utensils; maybe some paper napkins held down by an antique farm implement, the corners blowing up flirtatiously to indicate a pleasant breeze.
Soundtrack: carefree summer jams.

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