PowerPoint makes me vom!

So I sort of figured that it was self-evident that if you were in grad school, you had some sense of how to impart information to a group of people. Grad school = interest in being a professional something -> telling multiple people at once that you know something about something in a way that hopefully impresses them.

In addition to other things they should not do in grad school because it is tacky, like asking when an assignment is going to be handed back, wanting to know if something is going to be on an exam or talking about undergraduate theses, some graduate students just present terribly unimpressively. We’re talking amateur hour: texty slides, reading excessively, going over time, inappropriate attempts at humor (genital humor! Seriously!) … man, I do not even know how some of these people walk around in the world, let alone how they will become professionals.

I have a leg up, I acknowledge; I have taught, and while shy, enjoy being the center of attention when I think I have something sharp to say, which is often. Still, watching some of these presentations is just a little unreal, and I would think that, if you’ve put the thought into getting yourself into a position where you might be presenting in exchange for credit, cash or credibility it would just be absolutely crystal clear that this kind of behavior is heinously outmoded. Hopefully I will school them with my eye contact, relaxed conversational demeanor and Prezi prowess and they will figure it out.


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