Back when we were in school at the same time, it was easy to carve out time to go on spontaneous, original dates. Walk to the museum of natural history! Come with me to buy a guitar! Drive to Portsmouth for lunch! All were Howard’s ideas, to be honest – I love going to the movies so I usually just pick that if it’s my turn to have an idea – but I thoroughly enjoyed every one. Now that we’re both working, though, and Howard is in two bands and I’m back in school in the evenings, it’s a little bit harder. I won’t lie, making a pizza and watching movies under the electric blanket has been a universal favorite this winter, but for any real variety or satisfaction we’ve had to make dates out of what we have. Go to Target! Get muffins on Friday mornings! Brush our teeth together!

Basically, we’re just thinking about regular life as one big date. Since you should probably enjoy regular life with someone else to get married to them in the first place, no lies, it’s pretty awesome. We are doing a good job. But it also means that you have to try to be on date behavior all the time, which tires out its specialness eventually.

Which is why it is pretty special that since band practice is cancelled tonight, Howard and I are going on a tinydate for pizza before my class! Trivia: our first date was pizza on a Thursday evening, a practice we upheld for at least a year.


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